As of right now, I have 197 registrations to approve, back to Christmas eve.

If you’ve registered for the forum between Christmas Eve and now, I apologize, you should be able to use the forum soon. We were getting 2-5 spam registrations a day before. Now its 10 plus a day.

If you want to fast track your registration, post your forum username as a comment to this post. Right now the blog isn’t being spammed, so i’ll see it right away. It’s just something with the forum software.

I’ve created new captchas that people have to process while registering. Should bring the number of spam registrations down to zero, or so I’ve heard.

Hopefully this gives me time to work on the site once we’re caught up.

WHTV is coming soon. Look for two part mold videos, carb rebuilds, and other DIY repairs.