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Fast Friday: Massive Fox Mustang Burnout

This guy did a 0.13km burnout in his 86 Fox 5.0 Mustang! It works out to 426 feet. Very Impressive.

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Fast Friday: 1981 Jeep CJ-5 with AMC 360 V8!

This guy built up his 81 CJ-5, and stuck an AMC 360 in it with a T176 Transmission! It looks like a blast to drive.

According to the video, he has an Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifold with a Performer 600cfm carburetor, the comp cams 268H Camshaft, with an almost stock ignition system.

Hopefully my 1965 Rambler project with the 360 V8 with AMC 291 small chamber heads I’m building will be just as fun to drive. I just can’t decide between an Auto or Manual.

1:27 in the video is the driving part. Man it looks like a blast!

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Fast Friday: Drag Barkas

For this week’s fast friday, here’s a 1/4 Mile drag race featuring a sweet ass German Barkas van and Mercedes S600. Enjoy!

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Fast Friday: Twin Turbo Regal Dyno Burnout

This twin turbo grand national pulls 1076 hp, on the dyno; while smoking the tires while going over 170 mph.

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Fast Friday: Turbo SVT Raptor, 420HP / 430lbs torque!

Check out what these guys did from Fastlane Turbo in Houston. It is a 5.4, but the guys are playing with the new 6.2 now!

You can check them out at or at their YouTube channel.

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Fast Friday: Burnout Action at Davidsfarm with a Hurst Olds

Well, we didn’t get any burnout action at Mission Raceway tonight due to the Street Legals being rained out, but they were having fun at davidsfarm. One of the many visitors to Daves Farm (I hope to be one myself one day) decided to bring his 1984 Hurst Oldsmobile with the lighting rods. First they take it through the mud at the resort (collectors don’t watch this if you’re squeamish), then decide to light the tires on fire and blow one up. The first burnout doesn’t go too well, so they switch it with the donut spare.

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9 Second 1979 Mustang 4cyl Turbo

Poppin A WheelieLaunchingWell its Friday, and you know what that means. Every Friday we pick a video that shows an interesting, different fast vehicle that you don’t see every day. Its a 1979 2.3L Turbocharged Fox Body Mustang. Hit the jump for a video.

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