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Reply from E3 About Their Spark Plug Issues

This is a follow up from a post I made last year about my poor experience with E3 spark plugs:

After a year of seeing people’s experiences in the comments, I decided to contact E3 and speak to them about the issues we have had.

I first described my problems with my New Yorker, and I got a reply from Chris LaCouture:


I apologize for the problems you seem to have experienced with your E3 replacement spark plugs. May I ask, do you still have the E3.46's that you installed in your 1993 Chrysler New Yorker?

C. LaCouture
E3 Spark Plugs

I replied back and said that I returned them to the auto parts store, because I had to get regular plugs in order to get my car to run. This was his reply:


That is rather unfortunate. I do appreciate you sharing your experience with me. It is somewhat valuable as I keep track of all problems based on part number and vehicle. However, without having the plugs for analysis there is no way for me to determine what could have been the problem let alone fix it. 

I advise that you mention to the people commenting about bad experiences that they need to contact me about any problems. We take customer satisfaction very seriously and I work very hard to assist our customers with any problems they may have.

Again, thank you for sharing with me.

Chris LaCouture
E3 Spark Plugs

E3 is interested in getting all their problem plugs back, so they can analyze them and see what the issue is. This means you can send them back, and they should refund you because of their warranty. So if you have issues with your plugs, please contact Chris LaCouture at

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Problems Letting Go Of Cars – Part 3

Here’s the third part in my car life series. Most of my friends were getting into trucks and off roading. I decided I wanted something roomy, american, and durable. Found this nice truck in Richmond here for $500. 260,000km and the body was in great shape. Only needed to fix a water leak, it would drain all the coolant in about 45 min. 4wd, power windows, locks, cd player. Being the mechanic I am, I jumped on it. Read the rest of this entry »

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LOL OIL – Tesla Roadster

The custom plate suits the car, but don’t make fun of oil! What on a Tesla can a DIYer do him/herself? Look up a Tesla Roadster on RockAuto and all you get is a Universal washer fluid pump and Wiper Blades!

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Problems Letting Go Of Cars – Part 2

The second part in my car life series. This one was meant to be a quick fix and make some cash while I was in high school.

1989 Chrysler Lebaron 2.5L

We found this on Craigslist for a couple hundred. It just had a overheating issue. As it was going to be a learning experience to fix it, my friend and I split the purchase of the car, and decided to fix it up.

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Husky/Mohawk Ethanol Gas degrades to 87

I used to use Husky quite a bit last year. I got BCAA dollars with all my fill ups, and they had the cheapest touchless car wash around in Richmond. They still do actually. They also had the “Midgrade Gas for the Price of Regular Gas”. That meant at Husky, you could get 90 octane, for the price of 87. I had thought this was to combat the blending of Ethanol in the gas, which usually degrades gas mileage. You couldn’t avoid Ethanol blended gas at Husky/Mohawk, because they blend it in all grades of gasoline, even premium. Fine by me, both my car’s seemed to idle a little smoother running at 90 octane.

Read on to see how Husky did the 90 Octane for the price of regular, and why it left BC.

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E3 Spark Plugs – My Experience

Note: For all new readers, there is a follow up from E3 at Basically get in contact with Chris Lacouture @, they want their problem plugs back and should issue you a refund under warranty.

Have you heard about E3 Spark Plugs? Diamond fire technology for much better spark. The US EPA endorses them, saying these plugs actually make a difference in how the fuel burns, instead of just how long the plug lasts.

I decided to give them a try in my Chrysler New Yorker. Who knows how long the old plugs have been in there, but they have been changed before (Bosch Super Plus came out) and wanted to see what they were all about. They promised a smoother running engine, more fuel mileage, and long life (5 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first for warranty).

Hit the jump to find out how they fared with me:

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Problems Letting Go Of Cars – Part 1

Pulsar in parking lot.Where do I begin? I admit I enjoy the cars I saw while I was growing up. Any thing I get, I would have trouble getting rid of it. Heres a list of the car’s I own, what i’ve done to them, and why they are still around:

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WTF New E90 3-Series Has No Dipstick

SANY0027BMW-2009-3-Series-05WTF I just found out that the new BMW E90 3-Series have no dipstick and has been replaced by readout on the dash. So pretty much if you want any thing done to your BMW regarding your engine oil you have to take it to a dealership which is obviously a cash grab to make more money for the dealerships. But BMW representatives have been quoted as saying “We don’t want our owners messing around under the hood.” Well if you don’t want them doing that then don’t put a hood release on the dang car. But the best thing about this is there have been numerous service bulletins regarding the failure of the E90 oil level sensors. Which means what will you do if it brakes while in the middle of nowhere. Roadside assist will not be able to help in this case as the fix includes draining and measuring the oil and the car will have to be towed to proper service centre. The failures have come due to the long intervals of oil services and moisture accumulation in the oil. So what does this mean well there won’t be any new BMWs’ in my garage unless the dipstick goes back on the engine. Who am I kidding there will probably never be a BMW in my garage.

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