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Time Travel Thursday: Plymouth Roadrunner

This week’s old time car ad is for the Plymouth Roadrunner. It’s hard to imagine that a 340ci and a 373ci engine was considered standard for lower insurance rates. In the late 60’s, automobile insurance companies were catching on that cars were going faster and were getting more powerful, and that this was a liability for them, so they started charging their customers more if you drove a high performance car.

Nowadays, driving a 5.7 or a 6.1 will net you higher insurance rates, or any later model V8 probably. In today’s world, a 4-6 cylinder econobox is the way for standard insurance. Back in the 60’s and 70’s, small displacement V8’s were standard insurance.

Check out these old ad for the Plymouth Roadrunner. BEEP BEEP!

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TT Thursday: Death Race 2000 (1975) V.S. Death Race (2008)

Bet you didn’t know there were two DEATH RACE movies? Let me know which one you like?

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Ingenuity in Action 1958 NHRA Hot Rod Film

A great old hot rod film made for true hot rod fans.



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2 Door 4×4’s – Jeep and International

Jeep - The 2 Car Cars

Jeep - The 2 Car Cars

For this Time Travel Thursday, we go back to the Fall of 1969. This is when you could get your

The International Scout

The International Scout

Scout with just about any option or color you wanted, and when Jeep made their name based on their capable 2 door vehicles. Here’s two ads from the time 4×4’s were really compact for your viewing pleasure.

Which ad is better?

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