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Jalopnik “Bring Back the El-Camino” Campaign!

The guys over at Jalopnik have a campaign going to resurrect the Chevrolet El-Camino! Ray Wert, the senior editor at Jalopnik, was talking on Twitter to Joel Ewanick (GM’s Chief Marketing Officer) that if 100,000 people could say they wanted the El-Camino back, that they would bring it back. Calling his bluff, Ray posted it on the home page of Jalopnik, and they have 4,000 posts so far on the petition.

Check out the story here and reply in the comment thread. You never know, they might bring it back!

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Spam Comments in the Wrenchheads Blog

We’re getting too many spam comments here in the Blog. 2,100 comments now marked as spam from the opening of this site. If you are a mass spammer, you will now be getting permabanned! Not just your ip address though, the whole 16 bit block from your subnet! This website will no longer exist for you. Nothing will show up. So don’t do it. Save yourself the time.

Permalink Problems Fixed.

Just realized we were having problems with permalinks showing a 404 error on the blog. Basically if you looked up this site from a search engine, and it linked to a specific article, it wouldn’t work. Google then dropped all of our blog articles from their search index, leaving us with the forum in their database. Not good.

It sucked, we know. Our traffic took a big drop. Now we figured it out. It’s all good. Now hopefully Google catches on that we’re working again!

Happy reading!

On the new server now.

If you are reading this, we’re on the new server, and you can resume using the site. Some small bugs might be left over the next few days, like emailing from the forums and file uploads. But we’re back, and we’re going to be working on this site full blow now.

The Chrysler 318 Carb Rebuild thread is almost done, and it’s going to be the most complete carb rebuild diary with pictures that you have ever seen. We’re going to add some more car models to the forum and consolidate brand sharing. We’ve got another writer coming too.

Server Upgrade – Possible Outages for the Next Couple of Days

We’re migrating to a new server. We might be down for a bit during migration and until your ISP updates their DNS info because our IP address is changing too.  Should be fully operational by the end of the week.


Were in the process of acquiring a new project car a 1972 Plymouth Fury II! Details will be posted later, but for now enjoy this vintage ad.

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2010 Dodge Challenger “Freedom” Commercial

A great and creative commercial from Dodge! Glad someone is doing something else then bashing on it’s competitors. **COUGH**CHEVY**COUGH**

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We found this in the parking lot of the Abbotsford Tradex a few weeks ago while exiting the car show there. I wonder if you can still open the bloody hood on the thing.

Here are some more Heroic Duct Tape Car Repairs @ Jalopnik

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New Domain

We now have a new domain! now redirects to the forum! A lot of people have been typing this into search engines, and then getting redirected to out site. We’ve now made it work!

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A Real Barricade

I got a little shock at the gas station today. Someone likes transformers.

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