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Fast Friday: 1981 Jeep CJ-5 with AMC 360 V8!

This guy built up his 81 CJ-5, and stuck an AMC 360 in it with a T176 Transmission! It looks like a blast to drive.

According to the video, he has an Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifold with a Performer 600cfm carburetor, the comp cams 268H Camshaft, with an almost stock ignition system.

Hopefully my 1965 Rambler project with the 360 V8 with AMC 291 small chamber heads I’m building will be just as fun to drive. I just can’t decide between an Auto or Manual.

1:27 in the video is the driving part. Man it looks like a blast!

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Some Much Needed Work (also info for the Richmond Street Rodders cruise-in)

We got some much needed work done tonight to get these cars cruising for the remainder of the summer.

The Rambler got a new ignition switch, starter solenoid, and cleaned up the connections on both. Also got a new valve cover gasket, set the timing, and it’s running like a champ. The Fury got the most work, which was new distributor cap and rotor, oil & filter change, PCV valve,  adjust belt tension, set the timing, adjust idle mixture, got the washer fluid pump working, installed new wiper blades  and  a new passengers side high beam headlight.

We’ll be at the Richmond Street Rodders cruise-in which happens every Thursday evening from 6PM to 9:30PM at the Sea Island McDonalds (#2 Road and Inglis Way, Richmond, B.C. (Road to Old south Airport). We’ll have some pictures later tomorrow night. There’s always new cars coming every week!

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What Are You Doing This Weekend?

I tracked down where my voltage drop is on my Rambler, it’s a 0.9 amp draw coming from the alternator which kills the battery overnight. I disconnected the alternator yesterday, threw a fully charged battery in there, cranked it over, shut it down, and restarted it this morning. Full cranking power. This weekend i’ll be getting a new set of Diodes. It’s an old 35 amp Delco Remy, which I believe can be rebuilt to 61 amps. I might just rebuild it and create a How To Guide this weekend as well.

What are you doing this weekend?

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New Toy: 1965 AMC Rambler American

Went out and got a new $500 project last week:

I’m late posting because right after I picked it up, I went to the Beautiful BC Cariboo Region for the Easter Weekend.

I picked it up from a guy who needed to sell it, because he was moving at the end of the month. It had been sitting for a couple years I believe. One of the wheel cylinders was shot, and it needs exhaust work. It came with a brand new Canadian Tire Battery (which I believe is junk, because it’s only holding 11.9 volts even after being on a charger), new starter solenoid waiting to be put on, carburetor was just rebuilt, and so was the radiator.

I brought some brake fluid with me, because I didn’t want to use up my free tow with BCAA, and they don’t tow uninsured vehicles anyway, so I had to get a Temporary permit. Might as well try.

I brought 5 litres of gas, and it started right up, idled nice, ran great. Bought the car, went and put a 1 day permit on it (which only lasted 3 hours, it was 9PM at night), and proceeded to take it for a test drive. After adding some brake fluid and an attempt to bleed the brakes a bit, they came back to life. Not perfect, but enough to get me home.

More pictures of this car to come, and I will also be adding it to the vehicle registry to plan my project. I’m planning to rebuild the carburetor again, because it is a little hard to start, and it smells really rich. This might be due to the vehicle sitting with stale gas for a couple years. I will also be doing a full brake overhaul, and hopefully just a patch for the exhaust.

I am currently unsure which engine it has, the 196 or the 232. I believe its the 232, but I haven’t found the casting numbers on the block yet. Wilkinson’s Car Memorabilia doesn’t have the service manual for the 65, so I will have to wait for one off ebay. Lets just say right now its the Inline 6 Cylinder. I can guarantee that.

Stay tuned.

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