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A Real Barricade

I got a little shock at the gas station today. Someone likes transformers.

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Husky/Mohawk Ethanol Gas degrades to 87

I used to use Husky quite a bit last year. I got BCAA dollars with all my fill ups, and they had the cheapest touchless car wash around in Richmond. They still do actually. They also had the “Midgrade Gas for the Price of Regular Gas”. That meant at Husky, you could get 90 octane, for the price of 87. I had thought this was to combat the blending of Ethanol in the gas, which usually degrades gas mileage. You couldn’t avoid Ethanol blended gas at Husky/Mohawk, because they blend it in all grades of gasoline, even premium. Fine by me, both my car’s seemed to idle a little smoother running at 90 octane.

Read on to see how Husky did the 90 Octane for the price of regular, and why it left BC.

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