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A good video installation on exhaust wrap for headers

So I’m thinking of wrapping the cast headers on my 1950 Dodge to give them a different appearance and have no idea how and thought some others would like to see A good video installation on exhaust wrap for headers. This is from DIY Tricked out, and shows in detail how it is done.

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TUTORIAL: Programming Keyless Entry in Early 90’s Chryslers

Today, my replacement keyless entry remote came in for my 1993 New Yorker. It had to be programmed to the car. Problem is, you have to pull apart the center dash support bracket cover, the under dash cover, ground a wire, press some buttons, turn the key, unground, etc. If you’re interested, i’ve created a thread in the forums on how it is done.

This should also work on the early 90’s Fifth Avenues, Imperials, and Dynasty’s. Possibly even the K-Cars too. Check it out if you want to learn!

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