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LOL OIL – Tesla Roadster

The custom plate suits the car, but don’t make fun of oil! What on a Tesla can a DIYer do him/herself? Look up a Tesla Roadster on RockAuto and all you get is a Universal washer fluid pump and Wiper Blades!

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How to get free Oil Change Reminder Stickers

Lately, over on BITOG, there’s a big thread on how simply just emailing an oil company will net you some free oil change reminder stickers. I decided to try this for myself. I usually use Pennzoil and Valvoline, so I emailed both companies, Valvoline through their Contact Us form on their website, and Pennzoil has a special email address set up for Oil Change Stickers, so I sent one there too.

Fast forward about a week, and I get a letter from Ashland.

Inside, there is 24 Valvoline oil change stickers. Give it a try with your favourite oil company. Mobil 1, Valvoline, and Royal Purple is now confirmed over there.

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WTF New E90 3-Series Has No Dipstick

SANY0027BMW-2009-3-Series-05WTF I just found out that the new BMW E90 3-Series have no dipstick and has been replaced by readout on the dash. So pretty much if you want any thing done to your BMW regarding your engine oil you have to take it to a dealership which is obviously a cash grab to make more money for the dealerships. But BMW representatives have been quoted as saying “We don’t want our owners messing around under the hood.” Well if you don’t want them doing that then don’t put a hood release on the dang car. But the best thing about this is there have been numerous service bulletins regarding the failure of the E90 oil level sensors. Which means what will you do if it brakes while in the middle of nowhere. Roadside assist will not be able to help in this case as the fix includes draining and measuring the oil and the car will have to be towed to proper service centre. The failures have come due to the long intervals of oil services and moisture accumulation in the oil. So what does this mean well there won’t be any new BMWs’ in my garage unless the dipstick goes back on the engine. Who am I kidding there will probably never be a BMW in my garage.

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