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Site Updates

AS you might have noticed, there is now a site tracker on the left hand side. Forum and Blog are complete, the infastructure for WHTV is in place, but not working properly. I will let you know that, as browsing videos work, uploaded videos are not being converted, and are going nowhere. I will hopefully fix that this weekend. Hit the jump to find out what else we’re doing to the site…

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Shiny New Server

We’re now on our shiny new server. This gives us our ability to build WrenchheadsTV, and will give you the ability to upload and show your own videos.

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Forum Registrations

As of right now, I have 197 registrations to approve, back to Christmas eve.

If you’ve registered for the forum between Christmas Eve and now, I apologize, you should be able to use the forum soon. We were getting 2-5 spam registrations a day before. Now its 10 plus a day.

If you want to fast track your registration, post your forum username as a comment to this post. Right now the blog isn’t being spammed, so i’ll see it right away. It’s just something with the forum software.

I’ve created new captchas that people have to process while registering. Should bring the number of spam registrations down to zero, or so I’ve heard.

Hopefully this gives me time to work on the site once we’re caught up.

WHTV is coming soon. Look for two part mold videos, carb rebuilds, and other DIY repairs.

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What is coming.

I know we’ve been quiet lately. I’ve been busy at work installing and configuring a new POS system, Riley’s computer was broken by his silly brother (cracked the screen), and for some reason, Kodi still hasn’t figured out his password yet.

But don’t worry, something big is coming next week. And it involves videos. Stay Tuned. We’re going to try a few blog postings, but until then, I’m working on our new feature project.