The Wrenchheads Vehicle Registry is where you can create a forum thread on your vehicle, show us some pictures, and get to know other people that are interested in the same vehicles that you are. This is all done in a forum environment, so people can browse around and comment on the vehicles that are registered.

How it works:

Browse the Registry category of our community forum or the list below, and see if a forum has been created for your vehicle yet. If not, post it in the Unorganized Makes/Models forum, and a forum will be created for your vehicle, and your thread will be moved to the appropriate forum. You can also browse the vehicle registry in the forum, or through the list below.

When creating your vehicle post, use the following syntax for the title of the thread:

[Year, Make, Model, Trim, Transmission type, Color]

For example: [1969 Ford Mustang 5 Speed Arcadian Blue]

If all the threads use the same syntax, it will be easy to find the vehicle in the forum thread list or through a search.

Frequently Asked Questions:

– I’ve signed up, but it says I need to wait for an administrator to activate me. What did I do wrong?

Nothing. We get hit with about 10-20 fake spam forum accounts per day. We go through them and check the email address with to check to see if you have been flagged as posting spam at other forums. If you get a rejection message or your account removed, simply contact an Administrator or email us proving that you are human.

– Why are there some empty forums with no vehicles in it? I thought they were created as people registered their vehicles?

To save time in the future, once someone posts a certain make/model of a vehicle, we create all the forums for each generation of the model of vehicle, so most of the time there will already be an available forum for someone to post their car registry thread into. It saves time and makes our database of forums more readily available for new users.

– I’m posting a thread, but I’m the only vehicle in the specific forum. How will people find me?

We’re going to be creating a list of the newest and most active vehicles on the homepage of the site. People can also go use the “View New Posts” feature of the forum to search for new postings since the last time they were online. Also, the forum gets indexed in search engines such as Google and Bing, so people can also find it that way.